Dr. Wittenberg Emergency Medicine

Sample Case Descriptions

Sinusitis and subsequent meningitis

A young adult female developed headaches and subsequently became more and more debilitated until she died from frontal sinusitis and suppurative meningitis. I was retained to examine accusations of failure to diagnose and subsequent failure to treat as well as to evaluate whether or not the emergency physician met the standard of care in evaluating and treating this patient.

Gastrointestinal (GI) bleed

An adult male was admitted for GI bleed and had subsequent evaluation and treatment. He was discharged home and returned several days later by ambulance in cardiac arrest. The issue to be determined was whether the emergency physician met the standard of care in diagnosis and treatment, and whether or not the discharge was safe and appropriate.

Hand trauma with retained foreign body (FB)

A hand injury sustained from broken glass was evaluated and repaired. One to two weeks later it began to bleed and nerve deficit was noted. A small retained foreign body was discovered in surgery. Issue: Did the ER initial evaluation and treatment fall below the standard of care?

Shoulder injury

A mountain biking crash resulted in a fracture-dislocation of an adult male’s shoulder. It was reduced in the ER and there was subsequent nerve damage and prolonged recovery with complex surgery required. Issue: Did the ER practice at or below the standard of care?